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About Jefferson Iron Works

A Reputation of Excellence Since 1905


Jefferson Iron Works was established in 1905, when horse-drawn carriages traveled along Jefferson Avenue in downtown Detroit, Michigan. The name comes from the original shop location on Jefferson Avenue, in downtown Detroit. Since our founding, Jefferson Iron Works has provided customers with precision planer machine work that's on time every time. We're a proud family business with a passion for the planer trade. Three Generations of Blakes have worked together to perfect the efficiency and quality of our work. We have a long history of a "hands on" work ethic, strict attention to detail and a quality product every time.

Today we are a state-of-the-art facility that specializes in utilizing the industry's most accurate and versatile ferrous and non-ferrous metal planers to accommodate all metals in any size metal planing application. We can accommodate large capacity jobs and are ITAR Certified.

Green Practices

Jefferson Iron Works is a "Green" company, machining without flood coolant. With our unique tooling process, heat goes into the chip rather than the part.

Unlike Blanchard and Madison grinding, we don't generate landfill sludge or lake polluting liquids. Our by-products are 100% recycled.

ITAR registered and 100% Recycled Byproducts

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What our Customers Say

"I received ALL the emails, including the fax with the information for CSP (corrosion stop). I’m very happy with the efficient way that JEFFERSON is doing this job. All the information and questions are going directly to NYPA, saving us time, confusion and aggravation. Please tell Mr. Blake that I'm very grateful..."

"I had a chance to look at that flatness table today and it looks great - within .001 flatness from corner to corner. This is an impressive accomplishment coming from a single, probably wavy, piece of plate steel. Please pass my thanks to your employees..."