A family owned business with a passion to provide the industries best planer work.

What is Planing?

The planer is a machine tool designed to produce plane and flat surface on a workpiece. The workpiece is securely fixed on a table, and it reciprocates horizontally against a single-edged cutting tool.

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Why choose Metal Planing over milling, grinding, or other machining?

micrometer finish quality

Planer metalworking is a cost and time effective way to remove stock and create parts with tight tolerance specifications on size, flatness, squareness, and alikeness of multiple parts. We have ability to process a wide range of materials and types of work. Using our diverse experience we are adaptive in our tooling approach, allowing us to take on almost any job.


The planer machine excels in achieving high tolerance of flatness. Beginning with a rough cut, the part is then released and shimmed in a horizontal position. Parts are then flipped, measured and shimmed again accordingly each cut to assure flatness in a free state.


Up to a 63 microfinish can be easily held with tempered aluminum, brass and bronze. Iron, steel and stainless material may be rougher depending on alloy and condition.

Scalping Condition

Scalp lines are the wave pattern on finished pieces. The surface can vary .001 to .0005 between lines can be an advantage for determining wear in surface plates. An air gap between lines allows parts resting on the surface to be easily moved.

Keyways & Body Lines

Large and small keyways, odd shaped parts and machine rebuilds. We are able to take on almost any project imaginable.

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About Jefferson Iron Works

A three generation family owned and operated business

We have a passion to provide the best planer work in the industry. We use the industry's most accurate and versatile ferrous and non-ferrous metal planers to accommodate any size metal planing application. Our largest planers feature a 40-ton crane and 10' x 40' capacity to service large capacity projects.

Metal Planing Services

We offer a broad range of metal planing services


Qualify and balance castings in preparation for further machining. Allows easy secondary setup on a flat surface


Thick or thin, any shape or size we can plane it


A flat and parallel place to further build parts upon

Machine Repair/Rebuild

Resurfacing wear surfaces prior to secondary operations

General Planing Machining

We can meet almost any machining and planing needs, from keyways, broach housings, cutting out weldments, and more.

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Not sure what you need? Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can support your project.

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